The Independent Flight Examiners' and Instructors' Association

IFEIA (formerly IFEA) The Independent Flight Examiner' and Instructors' Association has been in existence now for four years. It has attracted almost 150 members including flight and ground examiners from PPL to ATPL and beyond. It was originally created to improve and encourage the standards of flight examining in the UK and to assist the CAA in this goal as well as protect the interests of Flight and Ground examiners. As such, it has successfully achieved fee increases for flight examining and represented examiners in discussions with the Authority on several topics. It’s not been easy. The CAA were not keen to relinquish any control.

Since those early days and following on from this success for Examiners it was felt that Instructors too were under-represented in the UK and no one organisation has ever had this group’s interests at heart. Consequently, IFEIA decided to expand its scope of interest to include both Flight and Ground Instructors, who will now have their own forum on the IFEIA website. The forums for both examiners and instructors are effectively a crew room in which valuable information is available for discussion. At the same time IFEIA can offer advice and help to instructor and examiner members alike.

If you wish to be part of the Instructor or Examiner forum simply go to the IFEIA membership section and join. The strength of the organisation is within its members.


IFEIA is affiliated with but separate from the 'ASK-IFEIA' WhatsApp group which provides easy access to hundreds of instructors and examiners working in the UK.

Please note that ASK-IFEIA is an independent WhatApp group affiliated with but not a subsidiary of the IFEIA Association.

ASK-IFEIA is independently run and is not part of the main association but actively encourages the WhatApp members to consider joining the main group. Membership of ASK-IFEIA is currently without charge. Full membership of IFEIA costs £30 per annum. Members of ASK-IFEIA are considered associate members of IFEIA.